Friday, 19 December 2014

Presentation of Revenue Leakage Study to KTMB Board, 18 December 2014

A few months ago, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) approached MITRANS with a grave concern. The railway operator believed that it was losing substantial revenue to those who did not pay for their tickets when travelling on board KTMB trains. MITRANS designed a methodology for measuring the leakage and set out to collect the data. The figures were then analysed and result generated.

Just a few days before the board meeting, Dr Siti Zaharah and her team from MITRANS visited Datuk Dr Elias Kadir (affectionately known as Datuk EK) to brief him of the results.

A few days later, the report was presented before KTMB's board of directors. It was then up to the board to adopt whichever strategy they thought was effective in dealing with the revenue leakage. Thanks to the board and Datuk EK for having faith in the expertise of MITRANS to delivers the goods when it matters.

Last Day for Practical Students at MITRANS, 18 December 2014

Almost every semester, there will be students from various faculties around UiTM who apply for a stint at MITRANS as part and parcel of their 'practical' requirements under their degree programmes. MITRANS usually hosts applicants from the business school who are registered in the Bachelor of Business (Transport) programmes. However, sometimes MITRANS also receive students outside the traditional field of transportation and logistics studies.

This semester, students from the Planning Department of UiTM descended onto MITRANS at the start of the semester. Over the course of the last three months, these awesome foursome have served as research assistants on various projects, thus increasing their practical exposure to the process of sample selection, data collection and data analysis. As today was officially their last day at MITRANS, lunch was held to say thanks and goodbye.

This is the happy foursome who have been working hard at MITRANS for the last few months:

  • Siti Nor Wahyu binti Nazri
  • Rahimah Nadia binti Lasiow
  • Siti Nadzirah binti Jamari
  • Mohd Zulfazly bin Abdul Ghani

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Asian Institute of Logistics Visits MITRANS, 17 December 2014

Mr Subra Arumugam (Executive Director) and Puan Che Zaiton Ismail (Director) dropped by MITRANS to discuss possibilities for collaboration. Areas of interest include development of human resources for the logistics industry, as well as certification or formal recognition for logisticians in industry. Competency and skill based recognition of human resources were areas of particular interest for both organisations. Matters which also arose during the discussions included developing training  programmes for trainers.

The Asian Institute of Logistics Sdn Bhd (AIL) is a company registered in Malaysia (Company registration number 977822-T). Its business address is at Suite 1020, Level 10, Block B2, Leisure Commerce Square, Jalan PJS 8/9, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Its parent company is PEMM Consultants Sdn Bhd (PEMM), an organisation specialising in consultancy relating to planning, economics, marketing and management. Both parent company and subsidiary have partnerships with various global partners, in particular professional training bodies in Australia. Many of the current trainers working with AIL and PEMM are from industry.

Representing MITRANS at this meeting were: Prof Dr Saadiah Yahya (Director), Dr Harlina Suzana Jaafar (Deputy Director) and Puan Azmin Faranaz (Executive Officer).

Friday, 12 December 2014

Birthday Celebrations and HICoE Appreciation, 8 December 2014

Once every quarter, the staff at MITRANS put aside some time during lunch to celebrate all those who have had their birthdays within those three months. In this case, those with birthdays in October, November and December. This was therefore the last of such celebrations for 2014. For some such as yours truly, this meant celebrating one's birthday very much earlier, i.e. yours truly was a late December baby. This was indeed very nice as this meant double celebrations. One at work and one at home.

First, the birthday cake looked irresistible. All one knew is that it was from Secret Recipe and all that cream icing covering it meant that there was no way of knowing the contents except extracting the information from the person who purchased the cake, or doing a dissection which would ruin the cake. The former was not really an option unless one was a CIA operative with the protection of the presidency of the United States. 

Let us be thankful for all the food that we are to receive. That was the main thrust of the prayers offered by Khabir, a postgraduate doing his doctoral research at MITRANS, and also part time Ustad and Imam Muda for prayers at such social occasions. Thanksgiving is indeed important especially when one does not know whether one will be around for the next meal, or whether one will have a next meal at all. We are indeed blessed as there was much good food in abundance.

It was not simply a case of diving into the food as soon as prayers were over. There was still a ceremony to conduct before the ravenous crowd was let loose on the the plentiful and varied food. As you can see, everyone waited patiently for the giving of presents.

Before presents were handed to the birthday guys and gals at MITRANS, Prof Saadiah had a few words to say. In addition to being a birthday celebration, MITRANS also used this celebration to commemorate the conferment of Higher Institution Centre of Excellence (HICoE) status. Prof Saadiah hoped that this would be a platform which can be utilised to take MITRANS to greater heights.

Here is a picture of some of the presents that were given to the lucky few who were born in October, November and December of 2014. 

As Prof Saadiah continues, you will notice from some of the pictures below that some have already started munching away. It was not easy holding out this long as the food was really really tempting.

The first birthday recipient is called upon. It is Pn Noorshakira, personal assistant to the Director.

Second in line is , Dr Jasmee, Deputy Director of MITRANS for all matters not connected to halal supply chain.

Okay, this is a bit embarrassing, it is yours truly. As the cameraman on duty, the only option was to take 'selfie' or 'wefie' to be more precise, with the big boss, Prof Saadiah, Director of MITRANS.

The fourth person to receive a present is Pn Azmin Faranaz, Executive Officer at MITRANS in charge of Industrial Linkages.

Last but not least, Pn Sabrina steps up to receive her present. Sabrina is an administrator who looks after the examinations which MITRANS conducts for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), Malaysia.

Here is the gang cutting the cake. There were only four plastic knives. That would explain why Sabrina's not in the picture.

Here is a shot of us trying to divide the cake in a civilised manner.

Once the ceremonies are complete, it is time for everyone to tuck in. It is not long before everyone's queued up and helped themselves to the vast number of dishes available. Bon Appetite everyone. A lot of what happened next is self-explanatory, so I will let the food in the pictures do the talking. By the way, thanks to Anas (a doctoral researcher with the halal supply chain programme) for bringing the 'rambutan'.

If you have reached this far down the blog, you must be a fan. Hence, here is something special, just for you. A collage of the process of barbecuing the goat that was slaughtered for this special occasion.